Doaenel is Indefinitely Banned

Despite using the same name since 2019, a Twitch streamer known as Doaenel has been banned from the streaming platform indefinitely for having an “inappropriate username.”

Doaenel is a Twitch streamer who prefers to play League of Legends, a popular multiplayer online game. He streams for nearly 10 hours a day, with an average of 1k-2k viewers, with the goal of becoming Rank #1.

Doaenel, on the other hand, has been suspended indefinitely by Twitch, bringing his grind to a halt. Why? The streamer was banned for using an “inappropriate username,” according to a Twitch email.

On Twitter, Doaenel announced the news and even explained how he came up with the name he’s been using since he was 16 years old.

Doaenel shared a screenshot of the ban notification on Twitter on February 6th. Twitch had banned him based on a review of his content, according to the email. Doaenel received a Community Guidelines strike as a result of this.

Doaenel’s account was also suspended indefinitely, implying that he would have to file an appeal to have it reinstated. According to Doaenel, he was kicked out because his username was misinterpreted as “do anal.”

The streamer appears to have discussed this misunderstanding several times on stream.

He also explained how the name came to be. “Find your REAL Angel name” is a social media post in which the reader is asked to write a combination of letters from their first, middle, and last names.

Doaenel has been in the news before, but this isn’t the first time. For sexually harassing a female streamer, the streamer was temporarily banned from Twitch in 2020. Doaenel’s average viewership per stream at the time was less than ten, a fraction of what it is now.

Perhaps Twitch was intrigued enough by his rapid growth since the end of 2021 to look into his unusual username. Regardless, it appears that Doaenel will attempt to overturn the ban.

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