Doom Eternal Music Changed

Fans were very upset by the Doom Eternal last update. The menu music was changed. This update has been corrected.

Doom Eternal is second to Doom 2016 and one of the best first-person shooters. It is no surprise that id Software continues to be loved by its hellscape. A recent patch to the game seems to have subtly restored something that was removed with a prior update.

According to PC Gamer, the main menu music was changed with the Doom Eternal Update. Fans noticed that Mick Gordon’s original song for the main menu was replaced by new music from the Ancient Gods Part Two DLC upgrade. Fans loved the new track, but many were curious about Gordon’s. id Software appears to have reintroduced it without much fanfare, easing some of the concerns. Bethesda is the game’s creator, but he has not explained why they switched the tracks.

Doom’s Ancient Gods Part Two, which was published on March 18, had an official trailer that showcased the campaign. In it, Doom Slayer (also known as Doom Guy) battles the Dark Lord, his evil double. This update caused Gordon’s music to be altered. While there is no way of knowing why, tensions have been raised between him and the studio.

Although Gordon worked for Bethesda over many years, it was reported last year that he would not be working with them on future projects. Fans speculate it may be connected to Doom Eternal’s soundtrack. However, the Doom Eternal score was criticized by Gordon for its low quality mixing. It was unclear why he had cut ties to the publisher or id Software. Rumours suggest that Bethesda might not have allowed Gordon sufficient time to mix the music properly, leading to the feud.

No matter what the reason, main menu music for Doom Eternal has been restored. Doom Eternal’s terrifying soundtrack is well-known. This demonstrates Mick Gordon’s ability as a composer to create the music that fits this game. Although it’s a shame that he will not be contributing to any future id/Bethesda titles, he is back on the right track with this update.

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