Doublelift Reacts to Tyler1’s Comments

Tyler Steinkamp, also known as Tyler1, is a Twitch streamer best known for his League of Legends streams. His comments on the difficulty of League of Legends roles inspired Yiliang Ppeng, who is a TSM streamer, and an eight-time LCS champion to reply, declaring “only psychopaths play top lane.”

Tyler1 recently stated that the top lane was the hardest role in League of Legends. The TSM legend also agreed. He is best-known for bot lane antics but he also used his game knowledge to say that top lane was a favorite of only psychopaths.

Doublelift has a lot of experience in League of Legends. Retired LCS AD Carry became a pro player in 2011, winning a record number of LCS titles. He took time to reply to Tyler1s comments regarding role difficulty during his stream on September 23.

Tyler1 made headlines recently when he reached Challenger Level on Mid Lane, his fourth challenger role.

Tyler1 made the comment in the video of Tyler1 streaming which Doublelift played from his stream. “Mid Lane is so…Mickey Mouse cupcake, compare to top lane.”

Doublelift agreed to his streamer colleague and went in depth about why top lane can be so hard. Here’s his statement: “Top Lane is the most difficult and punishing part of the game.” You will be f*cked in the top lane for the remainder of the game. You cannot participate in the game if the enemy jungler doesn’t want you to. You will be bullied the whole game if you are counter-picked in the top lane.

The majority of misfortunes that can befall top laners are out of their control, he explained. He continued, “Such a lot of what happens in top lanes is because you are an enemy jungler or mid-lane laner or pick order. Or because you support rambling.”

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