Dr Disrespect Discusses TimTheTatman Joining Complexity

The banter between close friends generates high-quality content that is enjoyed by all.

That’s the kind of friendship Dr Disrespect has with TimTheTatman, who gave up Twitch for his friend. The duo has been streaming together every step of the way since Tim made the switch to YouTube Gaming. 

Tim recently made a significant announcement about his partnership with one of the greatest Esports organizations in the world, Complexity. He also became a part-owner of the company as a result of the partnership, putting him in intimate contact with billionaire businessman ‘Jerry Jones.’

Doc, on the other hand, was underwhelmed by his friend’s achievement and questioned Tim’s judgment. He made fun of Tim by suggesting that he could acquire the company right now and hoped that Tim had made a well-considered decision.

Doc stated; “I can literally buy team complexity right now. I hope they gave you %50 Timmy and season tickets to Jerry jones’ skybox.”

Tim may have been a little too poked by the Doc. However, he seemed concerned about Tim’s well-being. Doc is aware that Tim is one of the most well-known figures in the streaming industry. Any other company would have spent a lot of money to hire him as a content creator and part-owner.

He hoped Team Complexity would give him a good deal, given the streamer is well-known in the community. TimTheTatman’s exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming must have cost a fortune. The streamer looked ecstatic about his collaboration with Complexity, which will put him in contact with Jerry Jones. 

This effectively makes him the owner of the company’s many divisions, and it’s possible that he’ll compete in World of Warcraft‘s coveted World’s first run. Following CouRageJD, Valkyrae, and Nickmercs becoming part-owners of their own businesses, this appears to be a fresh new avenue for streamers to pursue.

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