Dr Disrespect Discusses TimTheTatman Joining Complexity

Friendship is a great way to create high-quality content for everyone.

This is the type of friendship that Dr Disrespect shares with TimTheTatman. Tim gave up Twitch to be his friend. Since Tim switched to YouTube Gaming, the duo have been streaming along every step.

Tim made an important announcement recently about his partnership in Esports with Complexity, one of the most prestigious Esports companies worldwide. As a result, he became part-owner and in close contact with billionaire businessman Jerry Jones .’

Doc on the other side was overwhelmed by his friend’s success and challenged Tim’s judgement. Tim laughed at him by suggesting that Tim could buy the company now. He hoped Tim had taken a thoughtful decision.

Doc said, “I can buy team complexity now.” They should have given you %50 Timmy, and season tickets for Jerry Jones’ skybox span>

Tim might have felt a bit poked by Doc. He seemed to be concerned for Tim’s health. Doc knows that Tim is a well-known figure in the streaming business. A company could have paid a lot to employ him as part-owner and content creator.

Given the streaming streamer’s popularity, he hoped Team Complexity would offer him a great deal. TimTheTatman must have paid a lot for his exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming. Complexity will allow him to contact Jerry Jones. The streamer seemed thrilled about the collaboration.

He is now the sole owner of all the divisions of the company. It’s also possible that he will compete in World of Warcraft’s most coveted World’s First Run. This is a new direction for streamers, as CouRageJD and Valkyrae became part-owners in their businesses.

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