Dr Disrespect & NICKMERCS Spat

Two of the most popular Call of Duty streamers, Herschel Beahm IV AKA Dr.Disrespect and Nicholas Kolcheff AKA NICKMERCS appear to be having a Twitter spat, despite both being roasted by fans.

Dr.Disrespect and NICKMERCS are two of the most well-known names in the Call of Duty streaming industry right now, thus their rising rivalry might possibly make sense to their fans. The said rivalry is not based on their gaming professions or skills; rather, it appears to be teasing one another about their personal health.

The feud appears to have started when NICKMERCS began streaming exercise and gaming videos at the same time, but it really began to heat up when he uploaded a photo of himself flexing his hardworked-body at the gym on Twitter. The image is intended to attract the attention regarding the streamer’s strong legs and is accompanied by a message saying that leg day should never be skipped, with Dr.Disrespect–creator of the game ‘Gamerobics’ music video–directly tagged.

Dr.Disrespect retaliated instantly, tweeting the same day that NICKMERCS would not be able to keep up with him in any activity involving physical movement. After that, he decided to throw a fuss over NICKMERCS’ image by accusing him of having cankles.

Despite the fact that this discussion looks to be very cutting, neither streamer appears to have followed through on the rivalry as of writing. Dr Disrespect returned to gaming without missing a beat, while NICKMERCS put the light-hearted rivalry to the side and told his fans they could catch him at the pool. Fans may be interested to note that Dr Disrespect has been seen at NBA games, is 6 feet 8 inches tall, and has a long history with sports, thus NICKMERCS’ remarks are unlikely to be true.

The fanbases of the two streamers do not appear to be extremely angry, either, despite the fact that they have been following up on the feud and mocking both individuals. Some people even took pictures of Dr.Disrespect wearing shorts and saying that he is missing his leg day, while others accused NICKMERCS of either lying about his fitness in the photo or being several feet shorter than Dr.Disrespect.

One of their mockers quickly photoshopped NICKMERCS face onto Big Bird’s head (the one from Sesame Streets), However, people are urging that the said streamers resolve their feud and develop a brotherhood with other streams so that they can stream with Dr.Disrespect again rather than allowing Twitch to determine rules.


Net Worth: $4 Million
—————— ————————
Born: November 21, 1990
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: YouTuber
Last Updated: 2021

Estimated Net Worth As of 2021, NICKMERCS’ net worth is estimated to be at least $4.2 million. His earnings grew when he joined 100 Thieves and FaZe Clan due to the rise in his subscribers and sold merchandise.01-Feb-2022

The Twitch leak claims that NICKMERCS’ total payout from August 2019 to October 2021 is just over $5 million. This means he’s making at least $2.5 million per year, not including his other sources of revenue such as YouTube, his paid deals through FaZe Clan, and merch sales.06-Oct-2021

How much money does NickMercs make per month? Among his earnings from both YouTube and Twitch, Nickmercs makes an estimated $229,500 per month.04-Mar-2022

According to Twitch Tracker, NickMercs has 59,000 subscribers on average. Considering each subscriber makes him at least $3.50, we can estimate that NickMercs makes at least $206,500 per month from Twitch subscribers.04-Mar-2022


These two popular Call of Duty streamers have a Twitter spat, despite both being roasted by fans. One is accused of having ‘cankles’ on the other. The feud appears to have started when NICKMERCS began streaming exercise and gaming videos at the same time, but it really began

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