Dr Disrespect Responds to Exclusive YouTube Contract Rumors

Many netizens wondered if Dr. Disrespect signed a Youtube exclusive deal after DrLupo’s announcement and TimTheTatman being banned from Twitch.

After being banned permanently from Twitch, Dr Disrespect took control of the internet last year. However, even though he knew the reasons behind the ban, he was unable to take over. After deciding to stream via Youtube Gaming, Dr Disrespect was able to eventually make a comeback to streaming. In August 2020, he announced that streaming would be his new passion.

Dr. Disrespect was asked questions about whether he would be receiving an exclusive contract from YouTube, or whether he chose to do so on his own. This was the topic Dr Disrespect addressed during his latest live broadcast.

A message was sent by a donor asking for information about the stream. Doc was initially hesitant to respond, but then he moved his lips closed to show that Doc could not talk about the matter.

After a few more seconds, Disrespect continued to stare at the background photo he’d posted the previous day on social media. His likeness is shown with purple-colored snakes. This could be a sign of his turbulent relationship with Twitch as well as his ongoing lawsuit. Although it’s not clear why or when Dr Disrespect will sign an agreement with YouTube, it appears that he has some other plans.

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