Dr Disrespect Spills The Beans

Dr Disrespect, a popular YouTube streamer claims to know the details of a potential Halo Infinite Battle Royale Mode. This despite 343 Industries being heavily pressurized on this subject for many months.

The most common rumor for 2021 is that Halo will be adding a BR mode to its next game. This was repeated by Jack ‘CouRage” Dunlop, a fellow streamer. The franchise’s dedicated fanbase, far from big content creators has seen similar rumblings on social media go viral several times.

The multiplayer wasn’t fully explained even after the trailer, which didn’t show a Warzone or Apex Legends mode.

This hope might have been rekindled when Dr Disrespect suggested that he had one of the biggest internet scoops.

He said he was aware of an announcement about upcoming battle royale during a stream with ZLaner who was streaming on Twitch.

He said that he hopes to get into a battle royale match, which will prove to be lots of fun.

He was soon interrupted by laughter and continued to say 300 players, loop, power weapons, and other points of interest. It will feel amazing and highly optimized, he said.

Dr Disrespect said that they will knock it out the park, if this technical Alpha test proves to be anything like.

You’ll see that Dr. Disrespect is a comedian who constantly blurs the lines between jokes and reality. For those who are hoping it will happen, they can keep going with little clues like these until then.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free to play on Xbox One or Xbox 360. It also supports cross-platform play.

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