Dr Disrespect’s Halloween Cosplay Contest is on

It’s Halloween time again, which means Dr Disrespect, the legendary streamer, will be running his annual ‘Doctober’ cosplay contest, with terrifyingly awesome prizes.

People dress up in costumes for Halloween, but for Doctober, Dr Disrespect wants his followers to copy his trademark outfit. Dr Disrespect’s unique look of a black mullet, shades, and a bright red vest has elevated him above any other YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or D-Live streamer. He has the physique of a professional wrestler, and video games are his ring.

This implies that fans who want to compete in the event can do so in a variety of ways. Simply use your imagination and have a good time.

The rules are simple, but pay attention because one mistake move could result in your entry being invalidated entirely. First, the difficult part: you must dress up as Dr. Disrespect in the most outrageous costume you can think of. Unless you have everything you need on hand, you’ll most likely need to go to a store to get some goods.

Keep in mind that TimTheTatman pulled off a decent Doc cosplay by simply donning sunglasses and flaunting a vest. So, you don’t have to be a 6’6 freak of nature to dress up like the Doc.

If you need more ideas, check out five of our favorite Dr Disrespect cosplays from last year’s Doctober. Take a picture or a video of yourself in your costume next. We recommend having someone hold the camera while you showcase your aggression, speed, and momentum if you’re making a video.

Then finally, use the hashtag “#Doctober2021” to tweet your photo or video.

The two-time isn’t one to cut corners, and when it comes to costume contests, the stakes are raised even more. This year, first, second, and third place awards are on the line. You’ll earn a merch package, signed peripherals, and a permanent spot in Dr Disrespect’s $9 Trillion state-of-the-art stadium if your entry places third. Second place will receive the same prizes as third place, but your peripherals will be those used by the Doc himself. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the mouse he used to score one of his best Warzone snipes yet.

Now, if your costume is particularly excellent and you win the ultimate prize, you’ll get not only everything described above, but also a set of signature Oakley glasses and the opportunity to duet with Doc himself.

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