Dr K to Attend International 10

The Dota 2 community could benefit from some mental health education. Just ask the participants.

Alok “Dr K” Kanojia, a well-known Twitch streamer and psychiatrist, is attending Dota 2’s The International 10. He didn’t say what his exact role will be at TI10, but he’ll most likely be a content creator in between matches.

Dr. K. is a popular Twitch streamer with nearly 4 million watch hours and 547K followers. His streams are centered on mental health and addiction awareness, which the doctor sees as a major issue in the gaming industry. He’s best known for collaborating with other well-known streamers and conversing openly with his viewers.

In his video, he discusses how Dota 2 has influenced his life. Dr. K. has been open about his previous video game addiction, which may have included Valve’s MOBA.

Dr. K. concludes the video by claiming that he may “play a role in the outcome” of The International 10. It’s unclear what he meant by this, but it could indicate that he’ll be collaborating with a specific group. Dr. K. is almost certainly going to appear in the content shown in between matches. He could have teamed up with Valve to create educational bumpers for the community’s benefit. Dota 2 players have a reputation for being one of the most toxic gaming communities.

How Dangerous Is Dota 2?

Dr. K.’s appearance is welcome, but it could also be a deliberate choice by Valve to help create a more welcoming matchmaking environment. Dota 2 is known for its combative community.

Voice lines, pauses, and sprays are used as a form of mental warfare by players. It’s impossible to predict what Dr. K. will do at the $40 million event, but it can’t hurt.

While the yelling and pausing stops in the competitive scene, trash talk is still a part of professional Dota 2. Though all chat trash talk is still shocking, the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit featured a lot of voice line spam. The voice line spam meta was invented by OG, the International champion, and it could come in handy at TI10.

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