Drag Queen Jupiter Speaks Out

When the streamer was raided by abusers, she was enjoying her one-year anniversary on the popular streaming platform Twitch.

On Twitch, this is presently a huge problem, with members from marginalized populations being subjected to horrible, toxic harassment. This was carried on in her Discord channel as well as on Twitter.

Trans-Latina Drag Queen Jupiter told Pink News that her private information and safety have been stolen and she is terrified for her life.

One of the identities that disclosed her address has been linked to one of Twitch’s alleged hate-crime instigators.

Jupiter says that she has been in a constant state of panic for herself and for her family and she is already on high alert as a transgender Latina because of how she moves around the world, but she said that this is a whole new level.

There have been further threats and anonymous posts since the stream on September 10th.

She expressed her unhappiness and said that any sense of security that she thought she had has been shattered, she added that she is doing everything that she can and talking to a lot of people and making sure that this is not just a tweet she’s sending out that goes away. She admitted that she doesn’t want her or anyone else’s nightmare to continue.

Jupiter used to be a local performer before the pandemic caused her to hunt for work elsewhere, which led to a logical transition to Twitch, where many drag performers have found an audience.

She spoke and said that she built a supportive community and it’s not only linked her with a lot of other streamers, but it’s also been her only source of income to pay her bills and buy her hormones which she is grateful for. She also said that after what happened to her, she questioned whether she should keep on streaming or just shut it down and call it a day, but it will only make her more defensive of what she had established for herself, and she is not going anywhere and going to keep doing what she loves.

Jupiter appreciates the support of streamers like as RekItRaven, Lucia Everblack, and ShinyPen — major voices in the #TwitchDoBetter movement – but Twitch has to do more.

She says that she is tired of Twitch staff’s surface level activism.

Lastly, She states that Twitch must accept responsibility for the attacks they have enabled, following the community’s strong campaigning which Twitch firts distributed the identity tags in June as a marketing trick for Pride Month and Equality does not imply visibility without action to protect the vulnerable and excluded.

Jupiter left a major impact of speech that the stupid rainbow capitalist nonsense benefits no one except Twitch’s social standing.
Twitch, according to Jupiter, needs to improve the security and safety procedures in place for streamers, including the creation of a dedicated streamer safety taskforce to which vulnerable creators can turn for help.This is especially important if Jupiter believes the police’s response to online harassment was insufficient.

Other initiatives could include best practice instructions for streamers to secure their identities, a consolidated command center for essential settings and safety features, and a progressive rollout of streamer features such as raids and hosts to those who have proven their loyalty to the network.

These are in addition to well-known requirements such as preventing bot accounts from being created in volume, improved moderation of profile images (to eliminate swastikas), and the blocking of accounts produced from the same email address.

Jupiter says that accountability must be taken so that Twitch can no longer disregard the concerns that affect individuals who they openly and conveniently care about during Pride Month but leave them when they are put in danger because of the said platform.

Twitch has announced that a solution to hate raids is in the works. While the lawsuit may stop incoming abusers, it does little to safeguard individuals who have been harmed by the site.

The number of victims will continue to rise till then.


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