DrDisrespect Offers New Year’s Resolutions

In his 2022 resolutions, DrDisrespect, a renowned YouTube video creator, made a dig at Twitch. On January 1st, DrDisrespect announced his goals for the year, which vary from ambitious to ridiculous.

The last goal on the list reads “unbanned and massive payout,” with the text highlighted in purple. The Doc is likely referencing his mysterious, indefinite ban from Twitch, especially with the highlights matching the platform’s signature colors. Still without a public reason, DrDisrespect has been pushed off of Twitch for nearly two years, and he has made his disdain for the company apparent ever since.

The penultimate goal on the list, which is highlighted in purple, states, “Unbanned and massive payout” Doc is most likely referring to his strange, indefinite suspension from Twitch, as the highlights match the platform’s signature colors. DrDisrespect has been banned from Twitch for nearly two years without explanation, and he has made no secret of his disdain for the company.

Given that Twitch will conduct its first TwitchCon since the outbreak this year, Doc-Con 2022 might be another jab at Twitch. 

The Doc’s alternate ideas, on the other hand, look to be a lot more realistic. The first goal is to raise $100 million for his game business, Midnight Society. Former Call of Duty and Halo developers form the core of the company, which is led by DrDisrespect. Even if the funding target is somewhat expensive, fans may envision future interactions with the game company ahead of its first significant project.

While some of the objectives are clearly intended to be funny, others may represent serious goals for him. Doc also wants to record a music album that harkens back to his synthwave days. DrDisrespect has also dabbled in the idea of creating a unique, gamer-branded whiskey in the past, but it’s unclear whether this means the beverage is in the works or just a pipe dream.

The developer has experience in a variety of sectors and may be gearing up to venture into new domains. DrDisrespect is undoubtedly preparing something big for 2022, whether it’s a joke or not.

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