Dream & Pulte $30,000 Giveaway

Dream, a hugely popular Minecraft streamer, announced today that he would be giving away $30,000 to a random person with the help of Twitter philanthropist Bill Pulte.

Dream is one of Twitch’s most recognizable faces, but it’s not always his face that people recognize. Instead, he hides his identity behind a simple smiley-face mask.

Despite the fact that no one has ever seen a mask-wearing celebrity, he has amassed a massive following in just under three years and even won the “Creator of the Year” award at The Game Awards in 2021.

He announced on Twitter today that he would be donating $30,000 with the help of Bill Pulte, a well-known Twitter philanthropist who has a long history of donating money to those in need.

He’s been giving away cars, paying people’s rent, and even sending money to people at random with his wealth and his charity’s donation funds to help those in need.

The giveaway’s simple rules are detailed in the tweet, which state that to be eligible, you must follow both Dream and Pulte on Twitter and retweet the announcement tweet.

While some fans assumed it was a hacker who gained access to the streamer’s account, Pulte retweeted the post, indicating that it was not a hoax. Fans also claimed that the streamer mentioned some tweets he planned to make near the end of the month.

People flocked to participate in the giveaway, with 100,000 retweets expected within the first few hours. Many fans expressed interest in receiving the funds, stating that they needed it for school, rent, or medical expenses.

With so many people already entering the giveaway and more joining as time goes on, one can only imagine how many people will have entered the $30,000 random raffle by the time it’s over.

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