Dream’s Hair Goes Viral

Popular Minecraft Youtuber Dream has sent fans into frenzy after posting a photo of himself while slightly showing his hair seemingly getting closer to his promise of doing a face reveal.

Despite being one of the most popular youtube personalities gaining more than 25 million subscribers, Dream whose name is Clay was still a mysterious figure to his legion of fans, opting to remain as one throughout his career simply being known for his iconic white smiley face and neon green background.

Many fans have been asking the streamer to do a face reveal for some years now, and Dream has even teased a possible reveal multiple times in the past. He has also revealed in interviews that he is planning on doing a full face reveal at some point. But now fans have been sent into a frenzy yet again as a new Instagram post by the Minecraft star Dream has given fans a closer look at a tiny peek at his hair.

In the photo, Dream showed off part of his hair while showcasing a framed tweet by fellow Minecraft content creator GeorgeNotFound. The tweet itself is a relatively simple one, with George stating how much he loves Dream, with the content creator replying in kind while letting fans get a glimpse into what he might potentially look like by revealing a small portion of his hair.

Shortly after this, fans immediately flooded the comments and Twitter with their discovery. Many fans commented on the Instagram post with “nice hair Dream”, “I see ur hair dream!” and even “guys I cant BREATH!”. So, it’s safe to say a lot of his fans were excited by this big reveal. Just hours before, Dream posted a tweet that simply read “I’m not bald.”


Clay, better known as Dream or DreamWasTaken on social media, is an American YouTube gamer best known for his Minecraft videos on YouTube.


22 years12 August 1999


Dream (@Dream) / Twitter.


Clay, a very popular Youtuber for Minecraft, has been teasing about revealing his face for over two years, and finally does so in an Instagram post. Fans were excited by the new image of him, though he quickly assured them that he’s not bald.

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