Dying Light 2 Runs On Different Consoles

A new video shows Dying Light 2 running on various consoles, allowing players to compare visuals and decide which looks best.

Dying Light 2 is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2022, and as a result, fans are hungry for any information about the game. The visual quality of the game, as well as the differences in quality between gaming systems, is one piece of Dying Light 2 content that players are particularly interested in.

The player moves through various environments and times of day, showcasing movement, combat, and other features in a newly released Dying Light 2 clip.

The clip debuted on the final episode of Dying 2 Know, a YouTube series produced by the official Dying Light channel. Jonah Scott and Leah Alexandra discuss recent events in the series as well as Dying Light 2 news in this series.

Jonah and Leah reminisce about how the series progressed in this final episode. Then they talk about a fan-created visual contest and show off the game’s co-op mode. After a few minutes of discussion about Techland GG (a series of challenges in Dying Light that contribute to Dying Light 2), the two show off some console gameplay, displaying the game for the four gaming systems mentioned previously.

The visuals are a testament to how far video game graphics have been pushed, with beautiful environments, realistic textures and models, and lighting that varies from vibrant during the day to suspenseful and claustrophobic at night. One-shot depicts the player grabbing and falling through the air with a zombie, who has a terrifyingly realistic face.

The final shot shows a group of zombies on fire, and there’s no doubt that watching undead bad guys burn to death has never looked so beautiful. On the other hand, while PC visuals were not shown, based on how the console version looked, players can expect the PC version to be at least on par – assuming they have the necessary specs for Dying Light 2.

If the goal was to highlight Dying Light 2’s stunning gameplay and visuals, the trailer succeeded admirably. 

The game looks fantastic on all of the systems shown, and the gameplay appears to be very similar to the first installment. With the game releasing soon, clips like these entice players who are on the fence about purchasing Dying Light 2 while also assuring those who have already preordered it. Players should be happy with Dying Light 2’s visuals if the full game looks as good as the trailer.

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