Erobb Odd Incident With xQc

Streamer Erobb recounted a humorous and strange incident involving popular Internet personality Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel in a recent Twitch livestream. He mentioned a time when xQc used his League of Legends account credentials.

The incident that Erobb was discussing during his livestream occurred four years ago, when he lent his account details to xQc after being asked for them. As he imitated xQc’s voice for his viewers, the entire narration gained more attention.

He then revealed that he changed his League of Legends account password as soon as xQc gained access to it. With rage in his voice, he recalled this part of the story. “That b**tch changed the password,” says the narrator. He admitted, “This was four years ago.”

In one of his recent livestreams, the League of Legends streamer joked about it. “Do you guys know that xQc borrowed my account once?” he asked. ”. He only let xQc borrow his account because he was in desperate need of one.

Because xQc’s League of Legends account had been banned, he asked Erobb if he had an account, and the streamer was willing to share his own. “I gave it to him, and then I never saw the account again,” he said of the incident.

As Erobb explained, lending his primary League account and never receiving it back was a mistake on his part. Of course, the loss of his primary account was significant. With the passage of time, however, he has come to regard the incident as nothing more than a hilarious memory.

Some viewers, on the other hand, bombarded the streamers with questions, such as whether he attempted to recover his account via email or if he simply asked for his account back. Many people even accused xQc of stealing credit from someone else’s account.

xQc has yet to respond to Erobb’s incident, but fans are eager to hear his side of the story. Overall, the story was amusing, and Erobb had a good time telling it.

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