Esfand Accused of Driving With a Phone

Popular WoW streamer and OTK co-founder Esfand was caught using his phone while driving during twitch streamer Jinnytty’s IRL live broadcast. Some twitch streamers have received a ban from the platform after they were caught looking at their phone while they were on the road driving.

Back in March, Twitch streamer Jakenbake was temporarily banned on Twitch after viewers reported him for using his phone while driving. As well as the rising star Adin Ross has been banned for two days earlier this month for texting and driving in his Lamborghini.

It is obvious that twitch has no-tolerance policy when it comes to streamers doing dangerous activities and distracted driving was counted by the site as self-destructive behaviour that could lead to any streamer to get banned.

Now, Twitch streamer Esfand was under fire after he appeared to be using his phone while he was driving his car on Jinnytty’s stream. In the stream, it can be seen that Esfand took his phone from his pocket and looked through it, however, it is unclear if Esfand was looking for directions or he was reading the chat. Either way, the responses to the situation were largely condemnatory towards him, with viewers concerned he might be putting others at risk.

The clip of the stream has gone viral, gaining a lot of responses from the netizens with one commenter even stating that even though he likes twitch streamer Esfand, what he did was bad and he should be banned like any other streamers who got banned for doing the same thing.

Twitch has typically handed out 7-day bans for this type of offense in the past, though in the cases of Ross and JakeNBake the bans were lifted after just two days. For now, both Esfand and Twitch are yet to comment publicly on the situation.



This was in April 2017. After around three months, he decided to start live-streaming and attracted 50 viewers during his first stream.

Popular Twitch streamer Jinny got emotional on stream after she announced to her viewers that she would be leaving Texas, where she currently lives with fellow streamer Esfand.06-Feb-2021

30 years3 September 1991

Esfand (Persian: اسفند, Persian pronunciation: [esˈfænd]) is the twelfth and final month of the Solar Hijri calendar, the official calendar of Iran and Afghanistan. Esfand has twenty-nine days normally, and thirty during leap years. It begins in February and ends in March of the Gregorian calendar.


30 years3 September 1991


Twitch has recently put up a no-tolerance policy for streamers who are distracted while driving, putting themselves and others in danger. Esfand was caught using his phone while driving during a twitch stream

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