Esfand Plans on Streaming NFL

Esfand, a Twitch streamer, has announced a new deal with the National Football League to broadcast live Thursday Night Football games every week.

The NFL is going to Twitch for the first time. Esfand of the OTK Network has reached an agreement with the NFL to stream Thursday Night Football games after three years of discussions. Despite the fact that some facts about the arrangement are still unknown, the news is major for the Twitch streamer, who is one of the NFL’s most loyal fans.

On October 5, Esfand revealed his signing with the NFL and gave some insight into his future schedule via a Twitch stream. He stated; “I got the Thursday Night Football deal. So, I didn’t say that yet… every Thursday, we’re gonna be doing the Thursday Night Football deal. Yeah, so it’s finally happening after three years. Yes, for real”.

The agreement is surprising because obtaining the rights to live stream the games in negotiations with the league would have been challenging. Esfand addressed his new schedule, stating that his football show, Let’s Go! Football, will air on Tuesdays on Twitch. Then, on Thursdays, you’ll be able to stream Madden 22 while watching the week’s Thursday NFL game. In regards to region lock for viewers in varying locations, the Twitch star said, “I don’t know what all the details are, it might be.”

Esfand’s Twitch profile is devoted to playing Madden and chatting about the NFL, so getting the rights to stream every Thursday Night Football game is a huge coup for him. The Los Angeles Rams will face the Seattle Seahawks in the first scheduled Thursday Night Football game on October 7th.

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