Esfand Stunned from Meeting Dr Disrespect

Esfand, a Twitch streamer, recently experienced a wild tailgate in Austin, Texas when he saw a man that looked just like Dr. Disrespect.

Esfand, who was filming at the University of Texas tailgate party, ran into Dr. Disrespect last September 4. Although his upper body looked like Dr Disrespect’s, Esfand noticed that his stomach was exposed. He also had a lot of weight and could not perform a vertical jump at 37 inches.

Esfand was nevertheless compelled by the man to talk with him. He introduced himself to Esfand and said that he was there to promote Drinkin Bros.

Esfand asked the man that looked just like Dr. Disrespect whether he knew of him. The guy said he did and added that he has been called that name a lot. Everyone refers to him by his first name.

Esfand laughed at Doc’s comment, and imagined how bizarre it must have been to meet Doc at that time.

Although it’s difficult to believe that you could be mistaken for famous streamers or actors every day, this is exactly what the man said he was faced with. This just shows that tailgates are a great place to meet interesting people. This segment was without doubt one of Esfand’s most enjoyable.

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