EsfandTV Dark Souls Stream

Well-known streamer on streaming platform Twitch, EsfandTV got recently involved in a hilarious incident with a Dark Souls non-player character (NPC).

Esfand was immersed in the story mode of Dark Souls, an action-role-playing game renowned for its difficulty, and came up against an NPC that he had no reason to attack at first and attacked the NPC, who clearly defended himself. He was killed four times by the character before the NPC hilariously leaped to his own death.

During a recent Twitch stream of  Sukhbeer Brar AKA “EsfandTV”, he had a hilarious run-in with a Dark Souls NPC. He was immersed in Dark Souls’ storyline mode, a challenging action-role-playing game. The streamer was confronted by an NPC he had no reason to attack at first.

Esfand attacked the NPC, who fought back. Before the NPC hilariously jumped to his own death, the streamer was killed four times by the character and then announced that he had a plan to throw the NPC off the cliff. However, after killing the streamer for the fourth time, the NPC decided to jump off the cliff on his own!

Esfand burst out laughing, and the player received a standing ovation. He said “god gamer” twice and couldn’t believe his good fortune. It turned out that also missed out on his turn on the said legendary loot because the NPC simply jumped off the cliff. He walked around the area for a while longer before realizing that he couldn’t get the loot.

The 30-year-old eventually kept going with his stream and encountered more opponents. Esfand is a World of Warcraft streamer who also plays GTA V, League of Legends, PUBG, Dark Souls, and the Madden series on a regular basis. On Twitch, he currently has 997k followers and around 4.8k subscribers.

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