EsfandTV Hilarious Donations

During a recent Twitch stream in which he performed a Madden NFL-themed skit, EsfandTV received some of the most hilarious donations from his viewers.

The streamer was playing Madden NFL 22 during a recent livestream. He did a skit as Madden NFL coach ‘Steven Michaels’ while livestreaming the game.

With their hilarious donation messages, his audience joined in the fun and added some content to the skit. The viewer pretended to be Steven Michael Jr. in one of the notes.

During a recent stream, the content creator returned to his role as Madden NFL coach Steven Michaels. He has previously played the character as part of a skit he performs when he plays the game.

It was no different this time, as he donned his Jacksonville Jaguars hat and took to the podium to answer questions from the audience.

Viewers seemed to enjoy this aspect of his Madden NFL gameplay, and when they donated to the streamer, they responded with hilarious messages of their own. They sent questions to coach Steven Michaels, which EsfandTV had to respond to, resulting in some great on-stream moments.

These outbursts eventually add to the content and make the stream more interesting for viewers.

The broadcaster’s character was broken as a result of the message. When it was read aloud, he couldn’t help but laugh. As the fan questioned Steven Michaels, the statement continued.

On Twitch, EsfandTV is one of the most outspoken supporters of the National Football League. In fact, in October 2021, he reached an agreement with the NFL that allows him to stream every Thursday night NFL game.

EsfandTV also has a football-related podcast called Let’s Go Football, which he streams on Twitch on Tuesday nights and invites former football players as guests.

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