Esports Comes to Dallas College

Dallas College’s Brookhaven campus joined the eSports League of the National Junior College Athletic Association. Electronic Sports, also known as eSports are a form of competitive gaming where players use computers or gaming consoles to compete with each other.

This league will include matches on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 along with game play across all platforms.

Sadiaa Jones, Director of Athletics at Dallas College expressed excitement about being a member of the eSports Community.

Jones stated that the college will add an eSports league to its extensive range of degrees in gaming. Jones stated that this could lead to great employment opportunities in the game design industry .”

Triston, a Brookhaven graduate and Twitch streamer, feels he would have been able to improve his gaming skills if the university had provided eSports opportunities while he was a student.

He said that the groups will help students develop crucial gaming skills and friendships.

This coincides with the rise in popularity of eSports. ESPN reports that varsity eSports is offered by more than 50 universities and schools in America. The National Association of Collegiate Esports gives away thousands of dollars worth of prizes to help with scholarships for winners of competitions.

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