Euan Releases Single

Euan Blackman, an ALCESSTER singer/songwriter will release “HighHighHighHigh” Friday, October 8th.

It follows ’24 Hours 7 days’ and “Sinking”, which is the third track from his debut EP, ‘Grateful for The Moments Spent Alone’.

The song was produced by Euan over lockdown. It is the first track to be made for the EP.

The tune was performed to Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, and Jack Saunders (Radio 1 DJ).

Mike commented, “I am impressed, the songwriting was amazing, period,” Jack also agreed and gave the song his thumbs-up.

Euan’s past releases received a lot of support, including from Amazing Radio UK and USA and hundreds upon hundreds of Spotify playlists.

Euan, a Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts graduate, entertained his neighborhood during lockdown time by playing impromptu gigs to his neighbors.

HighHighHighHigh also impressed us with their guitars, which sounded almost like bells over light foot tapping.

HighHighHighHigh is available for streaming on all the major streaming websites starting October 8.

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