ExoHydraX Unbanned

On July 19th, twitch streamer ExoHydraX was banned from the platform and it seems like the reason for her ban was because of her Linktree.

Linktree is a popular tool that content creators use to present all their links in one place so their fans can easily find them. This includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more.

ExoHydraX posted screenshots on twitter which shows that she was banned for “soliciting money, services, or items of value for sexual conduct”, while captioning asking why she got banned for things that every other girl on the platform does. She took issue with the fact that other streamers, such as Amouranth, are able to have Linktrees and Twitch hasn’t taken action against their accounts. She also said that the link was not directed to her OnlyFans account as it was just a linktree command just like everyone else.

According to her, if a viewer asked about OF, the command would only read; “Onlyfans/Patreon talk is not allowed due to the TOS”. Now, after only eight hours of being banned from the platform, ExoHydraX, once again posted a screenshot on twitter sharing the good news as it shows that she got unbanned. According to the screenshot, twitch claimed that it was a mistake on their part so they will reverse her suspension and she is free to use their services again.

The unban comes after Twitch was accused of unfairly targeting her for posting a Linktree on her chat that contained links to OF content. This is not the first time that ExoHydraX got banned from the platform as back in May, she was suspended for her controversial hot tub stream and she accused Twitch of “racism” because of this.




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