Fake News Regarding Wings Of Redemption’s Death Goes Viral

The crisis in Afghanistan has been the number one topic now in sicial media platform’s and an image of Twitch streamer WingsOfRedemption recently circulated saying that he was a murder victim in Afhmgjanistan.

Fake news websites copying BBC News,MSNBC, and CNN circulated the picture of Jordie Jordan AKA WingsOfRedemption on Twitter stating that he’s the journalist who was killed by Taliban insurgents in Kabul.

Last year at the Beirut explosion, Images of the streamer were also circulated.

According to Jordan, the name attributed to his image by the fake accounts is actually a racial slur with the first name Bennie and that he was accused of racism in the past due to his previous wrongdoings.

The lie behind the WingsOfRedemption photo is believed to be the online trolls doing it. People don’t blame them knowing that he is not the most believed streamer because of his toxic streams and questionable beliefs on sensitive subjects.

Furthermore, many typical social media fashion reporters are now using fake news to suit their own agendas without researching and checking facts. Also the popular comservative commentator, Steven Crowder also used fake news to criticize Joe Biden’s decision in Afghanistan.



Joe Biden is the current president of Afghanistan and he made a decision to increase US troops in the country to further fight Taliban. WingsOfRedemption was actually misidentified as a journalist who was killed by ISIS insurgents when it was actually the Taliban that killed him. Steven Crowder also used fake news for

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