Fanfan Outrages Over Fat-Shaming Comments

Some may say that any publicity is good publicity. But we must wonder if the Twitch streamer was one of those people. Fiona Fan (also known as Fanfan) is a Vancouver-based twenty-one year-old who uses Twitch’s “Just chatting” section.

She usually talks about her day or news, but recently she decided to tackle a much more controversial topic: Obesity. A viral video.

Many people found the comments offensive, so it’s not surprising that they were so offended. The clip was posted on /r/LiveStreamFail and received more than two thousand six hundred commenters. It became the most-liked Reddit post overall.

Many people suggested Fanfan should be separated in her own area after the terrible take.

According to other users, fat-shaming is linked to weight gain. Leslie Pristas, an obesity expert, discussed these issues in an interview with St. Vincent Charity Medical Center.

Fanfan’s response to the viral video didn’t resolve the issue. She was insistent about her defense of previous comments.

It’ll be interesting to see what this means for Fanfan’s Twitch after all the drama online.

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