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In a recent twitter post, Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has blasted fans who have been sending hate to the winners of his recent Yoink or Share game show stating that he is so sick of this trend of hate.

Despite being one of the most popular streamer on the server, Twitch streamer xQc has recently announced that he will be stepping out th=o the GTA RP NoPixel server as he claimed that he wanted to tried out different titles on his stream and that he wanted to go back to being a variety streamer.

Now, he regularly sits and reacts to some videos while talking to his chat. He also jumps into whatever game is getting some love, and occasionally broadcasts on the go in IRL streams.

During his August 7th live broadcast, he decided to try something different and create a Yoink or Share game show that shares the premise of the hit classic Golden Balls, giving players the chance to split money 50/50 or steal it for themselves and risk walking away with nothing.

However, instead of inviting some of his fellow streamers to join the game, xQc decided to bring on viewers and fans at random, exposing them to upwards of 100,000 viewers. Eventually, one fan managed to win $4,000 after turning his back on the potential split, and taking it all for himself. However, it seems like it has been taken negatively by other fans as some viewers went to highlight the clip and call the winner weird.

On Twitter, twitch streamer xQc has decided to step in because of this as he urged viewers to not react like that. He tweeted out; “Cool game show yesterday but please be mindful: It’s a game and a show. Game. Show. It’s meant to be fun and entertaining. Stop making personal attacks at contestants (chosen at random) for literally choosing option 1 or 2…. out of two options. I’m so sick of this trend of hate.”

Shortly after, plenty of fans quickly replied and praised xQc for both the show idea and the tweet, urging their fellow fans to not be toxic.



This article talks about the recent twitter post of Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc and his reaction to the hate he received after he created a game show where fans competed against each other. He received backlash from some viewers as they started making personal attacks on the contestant who won the game

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