Fans question ‘Fired FM’ after news of Tbo Touch return to Metro FM

Context is everything. After all, it is only with context that we can know if Fikile Mbalula actually traveled to Ukraine or if he was just joking. It’s also the only way we would know if Tbo Touch, DJ Sbu, Robert Maraw and DJ Fresh were serious about launching their own “Fired FM” radio station.

Without this context, many were convinced that “Fired FM” would actually happen and in the wake of reports that Tbo Touch may be returning to Metro FM, they wondered whether or not they would get a radio station with a lineup filled with some of the most controversial personalities in South African radio history.

Earlier today, Sunday World reported that the SABC “broke the bank” to get former Metro FM DJ Tbo Touch (Thabo Molefe) back on the air.

According to the publication, he will be back on air from next month, costing the SABC radio station about half a million Rand a month with his estimated salary of R480,000.

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The move has reportedly been over a year in the making because of how Tbo Touch understandably feels about the station after its less-than-graceful ax over five years ago.

Tbo Touch is expected to be announced as the station’s new drive time host as the Metro FM lineup gets a shakeup as part of South African radio’s annual March Madness reshuffle.

This news comes just as DJ Speedsta, who hosts the station’s special hip-hop show, announced his departure.

When they saw Sunday World sharing the news on Twitter, Metro FM listeners flooded the publication’s reactions with their thoughts on Metro FM’s movement and lineup.

“If I was their program manager, I’d bring back Robert, Fresh and Bonang too,” said @Bongmusa__.

“While touch is good at its job, Metro needs new management because they are playing with people’s feelings,” replied @MavalelaTimothy.

While the majority of the public was happy to hear the news, there were those like @berry26971 who would have preferred ‘new talent’.

†[It’s] time to give new incoming radio. This recycling is not beneficial for those who are waiting for this kind of opportunity.”

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