Fasoollka stunned by mystery food box

A twitch streamer that goes by the name Fasoollka was left speechless after opening a mystery food box that she received during her most recent live broadcast.

Over the years, unboxing content has been full of weird and wonderful treasures. Sometimes, streamers like to buy their own mystery packages on dedicated stores but sometimes, they receive the mystery boxes from their dedicated fans.

For streamers and content creators, the landscape of unboxing is far greater than ever before as there is a crate of goodies out there for everyone. It makes good content because nobody knows what was inside of the mystery box if there are random yet special surprises along the way.

During a recent live broadcast, Twitch streamer Fasoollka initially thought that her casual unboxing stream was going to be normal. In the stream, it can be seen that she opened multiple packets of chips and candies. There were plenty of treats to dig into and the female streamer seemed pretty pleased with what she’d received.

But then shortly after, her mood suddenly changed when she uncovered a find that might not be appropriate. Fasoollka was confused while opening two small sachets but upon opening the sachets, her face was priceless as she stumbled upon the addition of two flavored condoms. She quickly hid the condoms from the camera. Her reaction of immediate embarrassment and terror to keep the stream SFW is a rollercoaster of emotions in itself. Thankfully, fasoollka managed to recover from this particular moment with some levity from the chat.


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