FaZe Clan New Valorant Roster

BabyBay, Dicey, Shot up, LarryBanks, and Flyuh makes up the new and improved Faze Clan‘s Valorant roster.

The valorous competitive scene is always evolving. Whether it’s a change in the roster, the metagame, or the playstyle. And, as the VCT 2021 came to a close, the majority of the teams that had underperformed were looking for a new roster. FaZe Clan, on the other hand, has changed almost their entire roster.

FaZe Clan is without a doubt one of the best teams in any game. In fact, Faze clan has done well in valorous tournaments since the beginning. The team, on the other hand, experienced nothing but disappointment for the entire year of VCT 2021. That’s why they made roster changes at the end of the LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) phase, which didn’t qualify for champions.

Corey, ZachaREEE, Rawkus, and BabyJ were removed from the new and improved Faze’s Valorant roster. As a result, Babybay was the only member of the team left for the time being.

Following a brief Christmas break, Faze began holding trials for new players to join their valiant roster. After many scrims and practices, Faze has decided on the four players who will make up their valorous roster.

Dicey, out of the four players, gets the most attention. He’s a fantastic player who proved his worth by ensuring 100 Thieves won the First Strike. However, if he wants to continue as a professional player, he still has a lot to prove.

Faze is still a great team with a lot of potential, even though they were unable to compete in VCT 2021. With this roster change, they’ll have to play to win in VCT 2022, which begins in February.

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