Following a bruising defeat, Yodeling Haley needs a nose job

Twitch streamer JustaMinx won her first fight against Yodeling Hailey. She is a Tik Tok fighter who has claimed she needs a nose job following a defeat.

Tik Tok’s star Yodeling Haley joked about her humiliating defeat at Florida’s Creator Clash by JustaMinx, an Irish Twitch streamer.

The social media pair made history by becoming the first to participate in an American influencer boxing match. Minx was from Leinster in Ireland and was larger than Haley. Haley’s dance background was predicted to make her fitter.

Both women were aggressive from the beginning, Haley scoring the best shots and possibly taking the rounds. The 19-year old was not able to make significant impact despite her impressive output during the first stages.

Both women became tired as the rounds went on. Minx, an Irishwoman, eventually showed her strength and size by landing a few punishing shots during the second and third rounds. Minx was worried that she might have suffered from a concussion after both her contacts were removed in round 2. However, she persevered and landed big shots.

In the final round, Haley was beaten by Minx’s large left hand. After that she appeared to be in good spirits, but the referee decided enough was enough to give Haley her first victory of her career.

Haley made a joke on Twitter after the fight about who would pay for her nasal surgery. She also posted a picture of her injuries. Minx replied by promising that she would do it and that she was a beautiful, scary psychotic person.

Minx was swift to praise her opponent’s fight during Mirror Fighting’s victory interview.


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