Fortnite Cheater Busted

Fortnite has established itself as one of the community’s greatest battle royale games. The game also serves as a great platform for showcasing ability and developing as a streamer or pro gamer.

Fortnite live streams are intended to show off the game’s gameplay or introduce new features. It does, however, frequently capture shocking events. One of these occurrences occurred recently, when the live stream showed a cheater gaining an unfair advantage in the game. And this article will go over the details of the incident that occurred between a cheater and a Fortnite pro.

Gaming has a bright future ahead of it. However, there are some factors that can lower gamers’ emotions. Gamers, whether amateurs or professionals, put in a lot of effort every day to create the perfect stream or have amazing gameplay in order to draw in more viewers. Several offenders, however, get in the middle of their efforts and ruin the party.

Loeya, a Swedish Fortnite pro, is the most recent victim of such behavior. The extremely talented gamer, who is a member of the Fnatic clan, was playing a battle royale game when she was ousted by a cheater.

The opponent utilized hacks in the game and was caught air-braking in the GTA San Andreas style, according to replays. This isn’t a new issue in Fortnite, and it’s been going on for a long time.

NRG Aussie, a professional Fortnite player, admitted to witnessing a few more cheating incidents on the same day. 

Gamers will be able to remember a specific incident from a few months ago. Due to persistent interference from stream snipers, Ninja, a popular streamer and gamer, chose to shut down his Fortnite games. Following the incident, there was a huge uproar in the community, prompting Ninja to take a long hiatus from Fortnite.

Recent incidents have proved that the number of offenders is rising at an alarming rate. These stream snipers are causing a lot of frustration among gamers, and it’s a major flaw in the Fortnite brand. Epic needs to take some strict action regarding these violators. They will continue to commit the same offense unless they are suspended or permanently banned from the game.

Epic must decide whether to take legal action against them or watch as pros abandon Fortnite due to dissatisfaction.


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