Fortnite Cheater Busted

Fortnite is a well-known battle royale game. Fortnite is a fantastic platform to showcase your skills and become a pro streamer.

Fortnite’s live streaming is intended to showcase the game’s gameplay and introduce new features. However, it does often capture surprising events. Recently, one of those occurrences was when a live stream revealed that a cheater had gained an unfair advantage. This article will detail the encounter between Fortnite pros and cheaters.

The future of gaming is bright. There are many factors that could lower gamers’ feelings. Professional and amateur gamers put in great effort each day in creating the best stream possible or to have impressive gameplay to attract more viewers. However, there are many offenders who get in the way of these efforts and endanger the party.

Loeya is a Swedish Fortnite player and the latest victim. Loeya, a Fnatic gamer and a pro at Fortnite, was just playing in a battle royale match when she was beaten by a cheater.

According to replays, the opponent used hacks and was captured air-braking in GTA San Andreas fashion. It’s not a new problem in Fortnite.

NRG Aussie, Fortnite’s professional player, said he witnessed more cheating on that same day.

Gamers will now be able recall a particular incident that occurred a few months back. Ninja, popular streamer, and stream sniper, decided to close down his Fortnite accounts. After the incident there was much chaos in Fortnite, so Ninja decided to stop playing Fortnite for a while.

Recent cases have shown that there is an increase in the number of criminals. These stream-snipers cause a lot more frustration than good for Fortnite. Epic must take strict action against these violators. They’ll continue to do the same thing unless the game is permanently or suspended.

Epic has to decide whether they will sue them, or stay silent as Fortnite pros quit.

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