Fortnite Star Ceeday Returns

Ceeday was once one of Fortnite‘s most well-known players, but he vanished without a trace in February 2020. He has returned, nearly two years after his hiatus began, with one goal in mind: to obtain his YouTube diamond play button, no matter what it takes.

Ceeday has been one of the most prolific Fortnite creators since the game’s inception. While playing the battle royale that took gaming by storm from 2017 to today, the American YouTuber went from a few thousand views on his Destiny 2 and Overwatch content to millions.

However, as 2020 approached, Ceeday’s feed slowed to a crawl. He had vanished by the time February rolled around. Fans hoped for a comeback after his last upload, “Mythical Ceeday,” racked up 14 million views.

On December 25, 2021, he finally ended his two-year hiatus with a Christmas miracle.

However, the star admitted that Fortnite’s decline in Chapter 2 wasn’t the only factor that kept him from creating content. The star was beginning to lose interest in the concept of YouTube as a whole, though he quickly came to terms with it.

Despite fans’ excitement over a teaser on Instagram in August 2020, he never intended to return.

Ceeday believes that this is his “final chance to be serious” and achieve his one YouTube goal: obtaining a diamond play button.

The star currently has 6.78 million subscribers, the same as when he left in February and is just over 3 million subscribers shy of the 10 million mark.

If he can finally achieve that goal, he will be able to be proud of what he has accomplished during his five years on the platform.

Ceeday is also willing to go to any length to get there. While Fortnite propelled him to fame, the YouTuber isn’t ruling out a change of pace, especially if Fortnite Chapter 3 fails to deliver.

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