Fortnite Zero Build Fortnite Championship Series

The hype surrounding a potential Zero Build Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) tournament is dissected.

Since the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, we haven’t stopped talking about Zero Build mode. Epic Games took a calculated risk by removing the game’s building mechanic from the overall storyline of the season. Since then, Fortnite has attracted massive amounts of attention on streaming platforms, and a new wave of players has pledged their support for Zero Build.

Tfue, Ninja, NICKMERC, and a slew of other content creators believe Zero Build is the way of the future. Tfue took a break from Fortnite for a long time before returning during the Zero Build craze.

Only a few weeks later, he and teammates Cloakzy and Scoped won $21K USD in the inaugural Twitch Rivals featuring Fortnite Zero Build tournament.

The tournament did well in terms of analytics, prompting many creators to campaign for an even bigger competition without having to build anything.

NICKMERCS competed in the Twitch Rivals event, and he, NickEh30, and Clix came in second place behind Team Tfue. He stated on Twitter earlier today that if Zero Build FNCS ever happened, he would build a super squad and win it. NICKMERCS isn’t the only one who believes a Zero Build FNCS is a possibility.

Tfue, the winner of Twitch Rivals, followed NICKMERCS’ lead. “FNCS NO BUILDING???” he tweeted. “, as debates erupted across the Fortnite community. The fact that two of Twitch’s most well-known personalities have called for a Zero Build FNCS is no small matter. The viewership numbers on Twitch Rivals alone would make such a tournament a no-brainer.

The vast majority of people, primarily content creators, were in favor of the idea, but active professional Fortnite players were not.

A FNCS centered around no building, according to FaZe Clan player Evan “Cented” Barron, could kill competitive Fortnite. While this may be an exaggeration, Cented may have a point. Right now, Zero Build is the craze, but it’s impossible to say how long it will last.

It feels special to watch high-level Fortnite – building and all – in action.

The building mechanic in Fortnite sets it apart from other Battle Royale games. It’s a unique concept, and talented players were instrumental in shaping the “piece control” meta that we’ve all come to know and love. To put it bluntly, Fortnite competitiveness is to blame for the game’s most significant evolution.

It’s possible that Epic Games will split a prize pool between a Zero Build and a traditional FNCS. However, this will almost certainly have a negative impact. Two separate FNCS events could detract from the players who have worked hard to become exceptional Fortnite competitors in terms of viewership and exposure. A Zero Build FNCS could simplify this complicated game and make it more like a standard Battle Royale experience.

Following content creators’ calls for a Zero Build FNCS, iFireMonkey, a Fortnite leaker, discovered a Zero Build Arena Mode in the game files ahead of patch v20.10. Solos, duos, trios, and squads were all on the playlist. While it is currently inactive, this raises the possibility of larger-scale Zero Build tournaments.

Epic, in the end, will make the decision. The developers were able to see what the Twitch Rivals event had to offer. Additionally, content creators are eager to dig deeper into Fortnite and reap the benefits. This fact alone may have influenced Epic’s decision. Perhaps today’s Zero Build Lightning Cup will provide us with a better picture of the future.



A Fortnite champion series tournament that doesn’t allow building was announced. The announcement was met with mixed feelings from professional Fortnite players, but content creators and Twitch personalities pushed for it. The day of the tournament, everyone cheered on Team Tfue as they won $21,

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