Four Fixes for Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot not Working

Since their launch on the most recent smartphones, scrollable screenshots have become a huge hit. The feature’s success has meant that it must be the best. It can cause frustration and concern for many Android users if capture+ does not work.

We have identified the best ways for us to solve the problem. These steps are clearly laid out. Each step is very simple and takes only a few seconds. You should then be able take scrollable screenshots in no time. Let’s first learn how to scroll a screenshot on Android 12.

How to enable Android 12 scrolling screen

Let’s start by understanding how scrolling screenshots work on Android 12. Note that scrolling screenshots are not available in the Settings or Quick Settings menus. You can only take scrolling screenshots on Android 12, so wait until you make a regular still picture.

How to make a scrolling screenshot in Android 12

  • Snap a photo. A’Capture more‘ link will be located next to the Edit and Share icons.
  • Click on the to select the area that you wish to capture.
  • To select an area that you need, drag the edges and then tap the Savebutton.

You will find the Longscreenshot option on certain models, especially pixel models. The Share button is right after you click a still image. You can take a scrolling screen shot by clicking on the “Long Screenshot” option.

Please note that this feature won’t work if it is attempted to be accessed through the Recents screen.

Fix Android 12 Scrolling Screenshot not Working

We have listed a number of solutions that will work for you if your capture+ stops working. It works just the same. If your Android 12 scrolling screenshot isn’t working, here are some suggestions:

1. Restart Device

Restart is a common technique in technology. It is possible to try the restart right away if you are facing an issue. A restart of your device can sometimes resolve the problem instantly, regardless of whether it is a computer, laptop or iOS/Android. It might not work every time but it’s worth trying if you have a similar problem on your phone. This is the easiest fix.

Depending on your Android device, the method you use to reboot it will vary. Follow the instructions for your specific device to see an immediate difference.

2. Software Update

You might have a different problem that caused your scrolling screenshots to fail. Although we often forget to check for OS updates prompts, every tech-savvy person knows that all functions must be up-to date in order to function properly. Android 12 regularly releases bug fixes and patches, so they need to be manually installed.

You should normally get an “Updates Available” prompt when you open Settings. But if you prefer to manually search for updates, this is how to do it.

  • On your phone, open Settings.
  • Select System.
  • You can search for updates by clicking on the Software Update section.

3. View the Content

Although it may not seem as crucial, knowing the exact purpose of your screenshot is vital. You should ensure that the scrolling screen is long enough for you to be able to scroll. You won’t be able to scroll a page if you attempt to capture a screenshot. Check the page’s length before you start scrolling.

4. Check App Support

This is the trickiest one because you need to be aware of which apps don’t allow you to capture screenshots. It is easiest to find out by clicking one. You will see a prompt that says “No Screenshots Allowed”, if the app does not allow screenshots (for privacy reasons or any other reason), or something similar. This is the cue to not take scrolling screenshots.


It is an easy problem that can be solved with just a few steps. You will at least know what you can expect. Either you cannot scroll or there are restricted images. If you don’t know how to scroll a screenshot on Android 12, this article will show you. This article will help you fix the Android 12 scrolling screen not working issue. We wish you all the best!

What is the best way to take an Android scrolling picture?

Scrolling screenshots on Android: Navigate to the screen where you want to save the screenshot. Mar 13, 2022

What is the best way to take full scrolling screenshots?

Hold Ctrl+ Alt and press PRTSC. Hold the left mouse button down, drag your mouse across the scrolling windows to choose the desired area. The auto-scroll function will begin slowly when you release the mouse click.

Android 12 will have scrolling screenshots

Dec 12, 2021

Scrolling screenshots in Android 12: How can you do that?

Hold the Volume Up and Power buttons. From the prompt at the lower left, select Capture More. You can include any content that is above or below the original image in your resulting image. Scrolling screenshots is only supported by certain applications.

Is Android 11 capable of taking scrolling photos?

Android 11 doesn’t allow scrolling screenshots. These are the reasons why you shouldn’t and what to do instead. It’s not unusual for Android features to be removed from a developer preview. May 4, 2022

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