FPSRussia Has Surprise For Twitch Stream

FPSRussia whose real name is Kyle Lamar Myers has now finally returned to the internet as he made a surprise return to Twitch after more than 1930 days since his last appearance on YouTube.

Youtuber FPSRussia used to be one of the big name youtuber on the platform in the early days before other big stars such as Mr Beast and David Dobrik took over on YouTube. His YouTube channel features himself portraying the fictional role of Dimitri, a heavily accented “professional Russian” from Moscow, Russia. His videos center around the usage of large amounts of firearms and explosives. The channel reached the one-million-subscriber mark in June 2011.

With roughly 950 million views on the channel to date, the unique figure captivated the masses during YouTube’s rise in popularity. However, it all came to a sudden end for FPSRussia as his channel went silent in 2016. A brief prison stint and a battle with cancer pulled him away from the content creator spotlight.

Five years later, he surprised his fans as he finally returned with a surprise Twitch stream. His announcement came as a massive surprise to his eager fans when they learned that this internet legend will be coming back. On August 4th, FPSRussia announced on Twitter that he would be streaming on Twitch later that evening with a twitch name of FPSKyle.

He wrote; “I’m gonna stream on Twitch at around 5:30pm est. I’ve been working on something for a year and I’m pretty excited to show it off.” The last time FPSKyle was live was 11 years ago and he only had 2,000 followers at the time. His Twitch stream marks the YouTube star’s debut on the streaming platform after a lengthy absence. The stream lasted 4-hours and was well-received, garnering over 77,000 viewers and 14,000 new followers in just a single day.


Kyle Myers, known as FPS Kyle, is one of the original hosts of Painkiller Already. Kyle is an American born in Hart County, Georgia. He is most well known for playing the the crazy gun-wielding Russian Dimitri Popapoff on FPSRussia.

YouTube information Franklin County, Georgia, U.S. Kyle Lamar Myers (born May 9, 1986) is an American podcaster and former YouTuber known under the stage name FPSRussia. His YouTube channel features Myers portraying the fictional role of Dimitri Potapoff, a heavily accented “professional Russian” from Moscow, Russia.

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During the show he is often the prank-call expert, and has a knack for prank-calling transsexuals in order to create big laughter. He now runs a gaming channel found here.

Kyle Meyers’s legal troubles seem to have concluded now, on June 19, 2019, Myers accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to two years probation and two months in halfway house, and a moderate fine. After serving his sentence he has returned and is back on the PKA Gaming Podcast.

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