Free Lost Ark Helgaia Pet Chest

Lost Ark is published by Amazon that is why users can bet that there’ll be a big Twitch event. Legends of the Lost Ark pits three teams of streamers against one another in a race to complete bounties and challenges, with free in-game rewards for everyone. Simply turn on Twitch Drops on your Lost Ark account and watch these streamers disappear.

The Helgaia Pet chest is the most recent event drop, and it contains four dragon-bird pets for you to choose from. Each has its own distinctive plumage, but they all appear to be terrifying raptors ready to rip the heads off anything that doesn’t bring birdseed. Or you could eat meat. I’m not sure if these creatures are carnivores or not.

In any case, you’ll want one of these Helgaia pets because they boost your stats. Who doesn’t want a stat boost in an RPG, even if they don’t like the scary bird creature following them around?

To get your Helgaia Pet Chest, go to Lost Ark and activate Twitch Drops, then start watching one of the streamers listed here. You should receive your drop after four hours. The same goes for the other Twitch drops, such as the Battle Item chest and Arkesia Paper Hat chest, both of which contain cosmetics and in-game currency.

The Neugier Gold Mount will be found in the fourth and final chest, allowing you to travel around Arkesia in style.

That Twitch drop won’t be available for a while, so keep an eye on the Lost Ark Twitter account for updates, or just keep watching your favorite Lost Ark streamer.

From now until March 1, you can see Legends of the Lost Ark. Lost Ark is available for free download and play on PC via Steam, where it is already outperforming long-established franchises in terms of peak player count.

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