Friends, family pledge to honor rapper’s love legacy

Friends and family of the late Rikhado “Riky Rick” Makhado gathered at Riky Rick’s funeral at Johannesburg’s Bryanston Catholic Church on Tuesday, dressed all in white to rest the late rapper following his passing last week.

While reading his obituary, friend Ntokozo Dladla revealed that Riky Rikhado was named after the ‘I Love You Daddy’ singer Ricardo, as his parents had loved the song.

“Rikhado was addicted to loving people,” Dladla added.

He shed light on the work Makhado did as a humanitarian, philanthropist and film-maker in an effort to envision a brighter future for humanity – something very close to his heart.

Singer Lloyiso then delivered a moving musical tribute at Riky Rick’s funeral before those closest to the rapper took the time to say a few words.

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Business partner Sheldon Tatchell of Legends Barbershop shared how he was the one who gave Riky his last haircut. Fighting back tears, Sheldon spoke of the loss “too much” and vowed to continue Riky Rick’s legacy.

A common thread running through all the tributes was the perception that Riky “felt too deeply and loved too much.” Another thing speakers talked about at Riky Rick’s funeral was his deep-rooted love of fashion that many trace back to his teenage years.

Friends also spoke of how “fame never changed him,” adding that Riky remained loving and supportive even as he rose to worldwide fame.

Speaking like the parent figures in the lives of Riky, Louisa Zondo and Kumi Naidoo began by thanking everyone for their understanding and support during this difficult time.

Naidoo shared his latest conversation with Riky in which the rapper thanked Naidoo for everything he had done for him. Something that Naidoo said didn’t have to be thanked for because he did everything he did for Riky and his family out of love as a parent.

“In our last conversation, you also said that Mom and I should help you in your core vision, which is to help young people,” Naidoo added.

He then vowed that his family will work to bring this vision to light and do so through a foundation established in his name. Viewers of the live stream praised Riky’s mother for speaking even at Riky Rick’s funeral and showing so much strength, despite so much grief.

His wife Bianca then took the stage to present her dedication to Riky with whom she had been together for nine years.

“Our children taught Riky and I the importance of family values. He loved teaching them new things. He wanted them to be open to new experiences…” Bianca began.

She emphasized what a committed father he was, with a hands-on approach to guiding their children Jordan and Maik, and nurturing their passions.

“He loved them very much, he was their protector, their biggest fan and their Mandalorian and he will remain so.”

Bianca also praised Riky as a partner and talked about how he supported her passions and gave her the space to explore everything she wanted to be. She added that she believed her role in his life was to love him, take care of him and help him realize part of his destiny.

“My king, my heart, my eternal love, thank you for giving us all you have given in this life. Thank you for choosing me, loving me and believing in us. I will be forever grateful for the gift from you.”

She promised to continue fulfilling his purpose and keep his legacy alive and also thanked everyone for their love, compassion, understanding and embrace of Riky’s energy.

She closed her tribute at Riky Rick’s funeral with the lyrics of his song Keep shining.

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