Froste Disappears From Twitch Subathon

Twitch streamer Froste who’s currently hosting his subathon stream has suddenly disappeared during his subathon due to a medical emergency leaving his viewers worried about him.

Subathon streams have become a trend in the past months after Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren hosted his own subathon stream and it became a huge success. Many streamers such as xQc have expressed that he also wanted to do a subathon stream in the future but he didn’t exactly tell when. Twitch streamer Froste has encountered many obstacles during his own Twitch subathon.

From having issues with PayPal blocking donations to getting banned twice because of a DMCA strike for watching Disney and Warner Bros. Now, it seems like twitch streamer Froste has faced another different problem during his subathon as he suddenly disappeared during the stream. At one point on the stream, his friend BWAMatt explained that Froste needed to handle something. He also sent a message stating that Froste will be back sometime between 4 pm and 5:30 pm EST, but then he never returned.

Because of this, Froste’s viewers have become worried about the streamer asking what really happened while some speculated that he got physically injured while he was helping his dad. BWAMatt was the one who answered the viewers as he went on to clarify; “He didn’t go help his dad. His family is in Albania. He probably just had to go handle something.”

Shortly after, Twitch streamer Froste himself issued an explanation to his viewers and addressed the situation himself. He tweeted out that he wouldn’t be back on stream because he had to go to the hospital. He assured everyone that everything’s okay but wanted to go as a precautionary measure because it’s better to be safe than sorry. His concerned fans have shown their outpouring support to the streamer and flooded him with messages.



Twitch streamer Froste, who recently started hosting a subathon stream, has disappeared from the stream due to a medical emergency leaving his viewers worried about him. The Twitch community has responded by flooding the stream with messages of support. There was speculation among his fans of other problems but it turned out that

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