Fuslie takes a break from GTA RP

Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu, who starred in 100 Thieves, is taking a break from GTA RP due to burnout, but she doesn’t want to.

The uber-popular NoPixel GTA RP server released their much-anticipated 3.0 update in early January 2021, causing another massive surge in GTA RP popularity on Twitch.

While the roleplaying mod has had its fair share of fans over the years, the buzz this time was unrivaled, with many well-known creators eager to see what all the fuss was about. While many streaming celebrities have come and gone in the last year, a select few have remained successful, and while some, like xQc, want to leave for good, they just can’t seem to stay away.

That goes for Fuslie and her April Fooze character as well. The 100 Thieves streamer has been a revelation in the NoPixel community, but he has taken several breaks due to burnout and becoming too attached to the multiplayer mod.

The streaming star, who has been dabbling in the world of business RP with her new Pixel Perfect camera company, revealed that she was considering taking a break, despite her aversion to doing so.

Later in the day, the streamer expanded on the topic, saying that she’s taking a break because she’s tired of the drama in the RP community, which erupted after she made a joke about another group – Cerberus – and their business dealings.

Many fans have expressed their disappointment at seeing GTA put on hold, but have also encouraged Fuslie to take a break if she feels it is the best thing for her.

As previously stated, she has dipped in and out of RP on occasion, so even if she does take a break, you won’t be hearing from April for long.


100 Thieves’ Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu and her ex-fiance, Edison park, parted ways in October 2021 after a two-year engagement — but Edison’s appearance on Fuslie’s stream in December sparked rumors of a rekindled romance. Twitch streamers Fuslie and Edison shook up the internet after getting engaged in April 2019.01-Jan-2022


Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu, popular GTA RP streamer on Twitch, has taken a break due to burnout but doesn’t want to stop playing. She’s considering taking a break because of drama in the RP community. Many fans are disappointed with her decision but encourage her to take time off

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