Galaxis CEO Max Gallardo Discusses Twitch Competitor’s Expedited Contract Model

Galaxis CEO Max Gallardo talks to Game Rant on the benefits of Galaxis’ streaming platform over YouTube and Twitch.

The impact of streaming celebrities and professional gamers has increased exponentially over the past decade. Tyler Blevins’ “Internet Fame” has been broken down by “mainstream stardom,” as an example. Both Twitch’s and YouTube’s economic models are flawed, which will most likely require significant changes in the coming years. Galaxis, a streaming platform that could change the game for everyone involved in entertainment and sports.

Galaxis CEO Max Gallardo stated that one of its distinguishing characteristics is Galaxis’ simplified copyright licensing system. This immediately subtracts profit from channel assets and could potentially ease many bulk copyright strike restrictions that plague artists. This alone could cause some confusion in the industry, but it is the way the platform handles corporate contracts that has caused the most impact. Gallardo spoke with Game Rant to discuss the features that will set his streaming platform apart from other industry giants like Twitch and YouTube.

Gallardo asserts that the current streaming model promotes overwork and creativity burnout. The current paradigm places creators in a 40-hour work week that can be extended to up to 80 hours. Gallardo thinks that Galaxis’ handling of sponsorship could usher in an era for content production.

If content producers are able to genuinely obtain corporate sponsorships within seconds, Galaxis could be a game changer. Gallardo was a former marketing director and knows the intricacies of the negotiation process for influencer sponsorships. These deals can be complicated and take several months. They must also be negotiated channel-by-channel. Sponsorships can also be reserved for streamers and pros who are already well-known in esports.

Gallardo’s metaphor reminds us of a game called Fall Guys. There is no limit on the content that can be created, but there are limited crowns. A modified sponsorship model could allow streamers to make a fixed amount for their labor. This might include a specific number of hours streamed or the number of videos they create each week.

This could allow streamers more time for themselves and their mental well-being, which may help to reduce creative burnout. This could also help improve content quality. Gallardo’s metaphor of a metro-gate crushing shows that broadcasting aggressively and putting quality ahead of quantity is the best strategy. The strength and personality of streamers is just as important as their ability to thrive. It is almost certain that more streams will be interesting if we have extra time to create our content or to just relax between jobs.

Although Gallardo’s idea for streaming networks is bold and original, Galaxis is in its early stages. It will be difficult to deliver on the ambitious goals it has. Gallardo indicated that they are currently seeking funding to help prepare for an early 2019 debut.

The potential return on investment might be worth it, even though the platform faces two established competitors. Influencer marketing has been growing at an incredible rate compared with traditional forms of marketing. Sponsorships may become more easily accessible and could transform streaming.

Galaxis currently seeks funds to support its debut in Q1 2022.

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