Garret Banned

After attending a Mitch Jones concert where an opening act revealed too much skin at random, a Twitch streamer that goes by the name Garret was banned.

One of the opening acts began twerking with fire being spun around her before Garret could even get a chance to broadcast Jones’ show. While it began as a safe broadcast, things quickly spiraled out of control when she took her pants down. Despite Garret’s efforts to turn the camera aside and refocus it on himself, the damage had already been done. To make matters worse, he returned the camera to the woman for a brief moment immediately after.

He was shocked as he stated; “What the f**k is this?! That’s TOS.”

Unfortunately for Garret, he was correct, and his prank resulted in him being banned from Twitch.

According to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, “if accidental nudity appears on your stream, we expect you to take immediate action, remove the content, and take precautionary steps so it won’t happen again. You should not focus your stream on anyone violating our clothing or sexual content standards; you will be held accountable for doing so to the same extent as if you were violating the standards yourself.”

Garret revealed in a Twitter conversation with Mitch Jones that he may not have seen her body exposed at first and assumed the act would only involve fire spinners. He further claimed that her body was only on the stream for two seconds.

GarretLA hasn’t specified how long the suspension will last, but given that it’s his first, it’s likely to be brief. It’s also unclear whether he intends to challenge the suspension. Hopefully, the ban won’t last too long, and Garret will be able to resume IRL Twitch streaming in no time.

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