Genshin Impact New Character Yelan

Fans of Genshin Impact are enthralled by the newly introduced character Yelan. Players became obsessed with the hero’s design for the strangest reasons just hours after HoYoverse revealed her.

Fans of Genshin Impact were surprised when HoYoverse revealed Version 2.7’s new character Yelan just days before the 2.6 update’s release.

After she was announced, her design became a worldwide trend on Twitter as players became strangely obsessed with her armpits. In a tweet on March 28, the official Genshin Impact social media account announced the new hero. A brief description and profile picture of the Version 2.7 character were included in the Twitter post.

Fans of the Gacha RPG were immediately drawn to Yelan’s design; while many praised HoYoverse for her fierce design, others were strangely fixated on the character’s armpits – yes, you read that correctly.

The strange obsession quickly went viral on Twitter, sparking the trending hashtag #ArmpitImpact, which was used by thousands of people.

Tweets about the new Genshin Impact hero’s armpits flooded the popular website. For some players, the strange pit obsession overshadowed the announcement, as they reacted to the community’s strange Yelan reaction.

Yelan’s armpits sparked a wave of memes, with users making fake deodorant ads using her image. This isn’t the first time the Genshin Impact community has been obsessed with a character’s appearance; for example, players have been fixated on Diluc’s “emotionless” gaze.

Aside from the odd trends, the new hero will make his debut in Version 2.7. Her banner is expected to go live on May 11, 2022, giving fans plenty of time to save their Primogems.

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