Genshin Impact Players React to Kokomi’s Abilities

Sangonomiya Kokomi has finally made her major debut in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, but her lack of synergy has seemingly disappointed some fans and players.

Kokomi is the latest 5-star character to join Genshin Impact’s ever-growing roster, but players aren’t impressed with Kokomi’s powers, much like they are with Baal’s. While the Hydro healer can save her teammates from succumbing to a fast death, the game’s player base has voiced a number of issues. One of the primary concerns is how Kokomi fits in with the current team’s composition, especially because there are other supporters that outperform her.

While Kokomi’s place in the Genshin Impact meta won’t matter to those who like her design, the current concerns surrounding the Pearl of Wisdom have turned off a lot of players. Support characters are always a good choice for tackling tough adversaries, but some Genshin Impact players argue that the game’s current content doesn’t require such a healer reliant role.

While Kokomi’s function as a healer isn’t problematic, many players have been unhappy to discover that her powers are comparable to those of Noelle, a free 4-star Geo character. Unlike Noelle, though, Kokomi’s entire arsenal is focused on healing. There’s also the fact that Mona, another Hydro 5-star who has been in the game since the beginning, has a similar ability to apply hydro to all foes. Worse, Kokomi’s Elemental Skill (Kurage’s Oath) is incompatible with her signature weapon.

When Kokomi attacks, Everlasting Moonglow recharges her energy, which is in contrast to her healing-orientated kit. Kokomi’s powers, after all, allow players to use her Elemental Skill before transitioning to their main DPS characters. Unfortunately, her Burst, which encourages players to attack with Kokomi in order to heal surrounding allies, isn’t the same.

It’s unclear whether MiHoYo will make any changes to Kokomi’s powers, but for the time being, it appears that fans are unhappy with her present playstyle.

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