George RR Martin Responds To Elden Ring

George RR Martin (creator of Game of Thrones) clarified rumors about an alleged ‘easter egg,’ which had sparked controversy among Game of Thrones fans.

Since its February 2022 release, players have found many Easter eggs in FromSoftware’s open world title. This includes the Berserk Grandsword and Game of Thrones nods. However, one question that sparked a heated debate was whether George RR Martin deliberately concealed one. The novelist has since clarified this matter.

Elden Ring members noticed characters named ‘G’, ‘R’, and ‘M’. They began to speculate about whether these initials had been intentionally placed.

George RR Martin disproved the theory on March 21st in a blog entry titled “This, That and t’Other Things” which he posted to his website. He stated that he names characters with his initials in his writing since 1971.

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