GeorgeNotFound is Banned Again From Tiktok

One of the most popular Minecraft streamers GeorgeNotFound has once again received a ban on TikTok and it seems like he wasn’t very happy about it as he warns TikTok that he will quit and move to Youtube shorts.

George Henry Davidson aka GeorgeNotFound Davidson is one of the more popular Minecraft creators who is usually seen with content creators like Dream.

GeorgeNotFound rose to fame rather quickly, thanks to his Minecraft challenge videos bringing him quite a lot of fame. Despite primarily focusing on YouTube videos, he also streams on Twitch, and he’s already garnered 2.7 million followers on the Amazon-owned platform. But then, it seems like his immense popularity wasn’t enough to save him from a TikTok ban, even though he has around 4 million followers on the platform.

Back in February this year, he got banned from tiktok prompting fans to start the #FreeGeorge trend on Twitter asking for him to get unbanned. Then, he eventually made his return to TikTok but he has yet again been banned and this time around, he’s got a few words for the video-sharing platform. On twitter, George posted out stating; “Stop banning me TikTok_US or I’m moving to YouTube shorts”

This new ban comes less than two weeks after his last one, where he also had a pretty comedic post back in August 13th stating; “I am not a minor, restore my TikTok immediately or else”. Some fans questioned why the US TikTok account would be his port of call, given he’s UK-based. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see if the message works this time, or if he’ll keep getting banned.



George Not Found is a popular streamer on Youtube. Recently, he was banned from TikTok and made a joke about moving to YouTube shorts. Possibly after his recent ban, George Not Found posted on twitter saying that if he does not get unbanned from TikTok in the next 24 hours, he

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