girl__fighter Has Her Set up Destroyed on Stream

Viewers and fans of twitch streamer girl__fighter were left completely shocked and worried after the streamer fought off an intruder live on stream and ended up having her stream setup destroyed by a crazed intruder.

girl__fighter whose real name is Victoria is a Russian Twitch streamer who does pole dancing and playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive on her channel gaining over 11k followers on her twitch channel.

During one of her recent live broadcasts, Victoria ran into a true nightmare when an intruder seemingly broke into her apartment to confront her and a friend, before proceeding to absolutely tear down her camera setup and cut the entire broadcast short. In the clip, it was seen and heard that an intruder off-screen appears to begin destroying things in the streamer’s room, and as Victoria and her friend plead with the man to stop, he knocks over the streaming setup.

The invader may have been focused on her gaming set-up, or he may not have had time to go after more of her belongings before one of the girls appears to have maced him. Although the VOD of the stream has now been removed from Twitch, clips of the incident can still be found on Reddit and sites like Streamable, with the former being the better source for understanding exactly what happened. According to most accounts and translations, the person barging into Victoria’s home is presumed to be her neighbor, who threatens the streamer saying that he will hurt them.

After a few hours of the incident after the stream ended, Victoria began streaming more pole dancing and stretching so it’s a relief to see that she and her friend managed to recover from the incident.


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