Google Keep vs. Trello | Which One is Ideal for You?

As a blogger, being able to keep track of all of the tasks in your life is an essential part of being productive. There are several different tools that allow you to accomplish this task, from the simple task management app, to more advanced tools that allow you to be in charge of your personal data. In today’s article, I will compare two of the leading task management tools: Google Keep and Trello.

It’s common knowledge that Google Keep is Google’s note-taking app, but did you know that it’s also available in a standalone desktop app? If you have an Android phone and a Google account, you can use the Keep app to take quick notes and reminders on the go without ever leaving the browser. On the other hand, Trello is a web-based project management application that lets you organize your tasks, assign tasks to others, and manage projects.

What is the ideal method for managing to-do list? If you’re a Google Keep user, there’s good news: as of this year, Trello is now integrated with your Keep account.. Read more about google tasks and let us know what you think.

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We use productivity tools to help us organize everything from offline to online, and from home to work. Google Keep and Trello are two of these software tools. Although the distinction between the two is obvious, you may overlook little subtleties that could prove useful in the future. So, what should you know about the two in 2021 and how should you compare them? The article compares and contrasts Google Keep vs Trello.

Trello vs. Google Keep: a quick comparison

Feature Google Keep Trello
Type Note-taking Management of a project
Options for a group
Integrations Other Google applications Over 220
Templates 100+ None
Pricing Free Free or $10 per month
Website Google Keep Trello

A brief comparison

What’s the difference between the two?

Google Keep is a note-taking tool that is available for free. If you want to keep track of something or have some ideas, Google Keep is a good option.

Trello, on the other hand, is a project management tool. If you’re working on a project, Trello is a good option for keeping track of them.

Google Keep

Google Keep WebKeep Web on Google

Google Keep is one of the most user-friendly note-taking apps, including features such as reminders. You can do the following right away:

  1. make a note
  2. add image annotations
  3. incorporate checklists
  4. include audio notes
  5. Notes about the drawing
  6. Text and title searches
  7. design labels
  8. make a reminder
  9. Users can be added

There isn’t much in the way of rich editing. Rich editing capabilities are not available in Google Keep. Even if you paste text in rich format, the program will convert it to plain text.

One thing I’d like to point out is when you create a grocery list to the app and it proposes products. If you enter “eg” in a checklist note, for example, the app will recommend eggs.


For a long time, Google Keep was the go-to app for quick notes and lists. Its simple design and ease of use has made it extremely popular with users, and it still maintains a loyal following. However, with the release of Trello, a new app that is more powerful and versatile, Keep users have a decision to make.. Read more about g suite trello alternative and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trello better than Google Keep?

Trello is a more powerful tool for managing projects, while Google Keep is better for keeping track of personal information.

What is the Google equivalent of Trello?

Google Docs is the closest equivalent to Trello.

Which is better Google Keep or OneNote?

OneNote is a Microsoft product, so it has more features and options than Google Keep.

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