Graeme Smith facing ‘formal arbitration proceedings’ from Monday

Former Proteas captain and current director of cricket in South Africa, Graeme Smith, will face formal arbitration proceedings starting next Monday, according to a statement from CSA on Friday.

This is the result of the “preliminary findings” of the Social Justice and Nation-building (SJN) report on injustice in South African cricket. The hearings took place last year.

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Smith, who, among other things, oversaw the appointment of current Proteas coach Mark Boucher, took on the directing role in 2019.

It has been suggested that Boucher was chosen for the position of head coach of Proteas without a formal interview process taking place.

The arbitration will be held for attorneys Ngwako Maenetjie SC and Michael Bishop, who have been jointly appointed by the parties.

Both Cricket South Africa and Smith will be legally represented. The arbitrators’ findings will be made public.

Lawson Naidoo, the chairman of CSA’s board of directors, said: “The use of formal arbitration proceedings to address these issues is consistent with CSA’s commitment to address the SJN issues in a manner that supports them. treats the utmost seriousness, but also guarantees fairness, due process and finality.”

Smith’s attorney, David Becker, said: “Graeme and his advisers have consistently expressed material concerns about the SJN trial, particularly the “preliminary findings” made against him.

“He looks forward to demonstrating through this impartial trial that these findings are groundless.”

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